Per the New York Times,  dateline Paris, November 28th:

"When a French dictionary included the gender-nonspecific “iel” for the first time, a virulent reaction erupted over “wokisme” exported from American universities."

France, ever at the cultural avant-garde, leads the world in pushing back on the assault on culture represented by the demented "wokisme" of the left.  Excerpt:



Le Petit Robert, rivaled only by the Larousse in linguistic authority, chose to add “iel” — a gender-neutral merging of the masculine “il” (he) and the feminine “elle” (she) — to its latest online edition. Jean-Michel Blanquer, the education…

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Eugene Delacroix, Liberty Leading the People

courtesy of Wikipedia, public domain

Politico (among others) reports on the French government's aggressive campaign against "Wokeness," in an article headlined and subheadlined:

French education minister’s anti-woke mission: 

Emmanuel Macron’s government is making the fight against woke theories a cornerstone of its push to rally…

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Increasing levels of fear, loathing, and distrust between radicalized identity groups, hissy fit protests against free speech, soaring rates of self-censorship, and an uptick in anonymous denunciations accompany every expansion of DEI.…
Apr 29
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MIT Building 10, Creative Common License Attribution Share Alike 3 from Madcoverboy (talk) courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Responding to the sacrilege of allowing a debate on campus that dared challenge DEI orthodoxy, MIT Chancellor Melissa…
Apr 11
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Public Domain Image
In Massachusetts, a newly hired school superintendant's job offer gets withdrawn because of his email to the School Committee Chair he addressed to "Ladies"?!?  
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Batman!
Per the Daily Hampshire Gazette:…
Apr 8
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Image byTony Webster , licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license, courtesy of Wikimedia

At National Review, Dan McLaughlin Honestly and Definitively Defines Wokeness
There’s been a recent spate of…
Mar 25
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The Babbling Beaver -- the Nerds' version of the Christian's politically incorrect Babylon Bee -- busts MIT for existentially equating humans and... mushrooms. 
Mar 18
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 by ReffPixels under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license courtesy of Wikimedia
From the ever witty Babylon Bee.  Excerpt:

Mario Arrested For Hate Crime After Leaving Skid Marks On Rainbow Road


Mar 11
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licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 2.0 by author Dennis Jarvis from Halifax, Canada courtesy of Wikimedia

Ohio-Area Turtles Develop Sudden Interest In Pizza, Martial Arts

EAST PALESTINE, OH — In a bizarre…
Feb 28
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The MSM has been criticized for years due to its left-wing bias, but much of it is built in due to blind adherence to the Associated Press Stylebook. AP style used to merely cover things like how to capitalize words, avoid the Oxford comma used in…
Feb 17
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 Armie Hammer, licensed by Maximilian Bühn under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license,
courtesy of Wikimedia
Actor Armie Hammer, a victim of #MeToo, admits his faults and rips into cancel culture and the woke mob at…
Feb 5
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Photo by SLOWKING under Creative Commons License BY-NC courtesy of Wikimedia.
Distinguished historian of the Reagan era Craig Shirley, at Newsmax, declaims againt wokism and the muzzling of Newsmax by DirecTV:
The dark forces of Wokeism are all…
Feb 1
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Public Domain, Courtesy of Wikimedia
M&M’s accept Tucker Carlson’s invite to the culture wars
Molly Roberts at the Washington Post:

“America, let’s talk,” M&M’s began on social media on Monday. Later, “We have decided to take an indefinite…
Jan 26
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Rachel Alexander, columnist
The Left is Becoming Increasingly Similar to the Taliban
From Townhall, Excerpt:
The Taliban demands absolute adherence to its rigid beliefs, just like the left does with wokism. Re-education or else. Wokism is being…
Jan 16
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John Witherspoon statue, Princeton, creative commons license attribution share alike, courtesy of Wikimedia, by GrantLuther10
George Will wriiting at The Washington Post, 
Wokeness in all its self-flattering moral vanity comes for a statue at…
Jan 7
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by Ralph Benko

George Will, creative commons license
by Gage Skidmore, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.
Great 2022 moments in identity politics: Billionaire Rick Caruso, running for mayor of Los Angeles (which is 49.1 percent “Hispanic or…
Dec 31, 2022
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By Ahmed Mohyuddin
Selective Focus Photography of Bookshelf With Books by Element5 Digital
The UK Parliament is discussing a new bill to ensure freedom of speech at university campuses. 
Politeia’s new publication Freedom to Speak, Freedom to…
Dec 25, 2022
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by Ahmed Mohyuddin
The Cambridge dictionary has joined the bandwagon of the preachers of ‘wokism,’ changing its definition of woman.

Dictionary Text in Bokeh Effect licensed courtesy of Pexels.
Kurt Mahlburg writes for mercatornet.com :
“In 2020,…
Dec 21, 2022